Thursday, February 3, 2011

Their revolt failed, too.

Molten gold down your throat

A very clear message

Thank God they're only after the gold and silver. They don't know about jade.

-Montezuma upon first encountering the Spanish.

The Spaniards appeared to be much delighted, they seized upon the gold like monkeys, their faces flushed. For clearly their thirst for gold was insatiable; they starved for it; they lusted for it; they wanted to stuff themselves with it as if they were pigs. They went about fingering, handling the streamers of gold, passing them back and forth, grabbing them one to the other babbling, talking gibberish among themselves.

— Fray Bernardino de SahagĂșn, General History of the Things of New Spain

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DP said...

And they say you can't eat it.
Who knew?