Monday, January 31, 2011

Mrs. Boyer

On July 4th, 1974, Louise Auchincloss Boyer's dead body was found beneath the window of her 10th floor apartment. Three days prior, a newspaper published a story in which legal counsel for the American Gold Association accused the Rockefellers of looting Fort Knox of most or all of its gold. The anonymous source of the story had been Mrs. Boyer, executive assistant to Nelson Rockefeller.


Anonymous said...

Can you provide a documentary trail for this claim?

TheRevolutionToday said...

Interesting to note that "American Gold Association" returns nothing on on topic with a google search. These days I do not know whether to take that as content successfully scrubbed, or as misinformation. Wikipedia does have a bit on this topic, not much though.

Anonymous said...

Try doing a search on the NY Times Web-site... A brief outline is provided FREE, but if you wish to spend a few bucks, you can read the full historical piece.

It is discoverable on other sites, if you want...

Of course the wonderful thing about the internet is that this information is like mercury. It is slowly creeping into every nook and cranny, and hopefully soon into popular consciousness.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it happened. This is why Ron Paul constantly harps on auditing the Fed and the gold. Its gone.

Christopher Marlowe said...

This website has a scan of an LA Times article summarizing the accusations that the Rockefellers stole the gold from Ft Knox, but it is from 9 days after the body was found: "Los Angeles Times
Fri., July 19, 1974
Page 12, Part 1

Writer Charges Gold at Ft. Knox is Gone
-Rockefellers Blamed
Knight News Service"

Anonymous said...

Checkout the audio books for Dr. Peter Beter, he writes extensively on the topic and on this woman as well.